I believe in an integrated approach to therapy.



As we work together, we will always keep in mind that you are a whole person. Your physical health impacts your mood. Your mood impacts your marriage. Your marriage impacts your work. Your work impacts your ability to focus. We will always keep in mind that your wellness includes many areas of your life, your emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, and vocational life. You are all of these parts and each area impacts every other area of your life.


Trained as a Client Centered therapist, I provide a warm and caring environment that helps you feel comfortable and able to tell me your story. Over the years, I have added Cognitive Therapy to my technique, summed up as “feelings follow thinking”. As we listen to your story together, I will teach you how to discover your self-talk and core beliefs, which will free you to be more capable to make the changes you desire.


My basic question is always, 'What do you want?" You may desire freedom from a number of problems. You may just want to stop crying, or you may want to put your marriage back together. You may want to stop having panic attacks, social anxiety, or test anxiety. Or maybe you want to be able to forgive someone. You may want to improve your business, start a new career, or write a book. Next I ask, "What are you currently doing to get what you want?"  Then we will do an evaluation. "Is what you are currently doing going to get you what you want?" Finally, "What kind of action plan can we put into place that will improve the chances of you getting what you want out of life?"


Together we will find the answers to these questions. Sometimes a person needs a little light on their path. Other times they need to be shown an entirely new path. Let's talk.


Tom Frydenger, MA, LCPC